Standard Shelter Cot Set and Cart System (40 Cots)

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Setting up and taking down a an shelter emergency shelter needs to be fast and efficient. Our shelter cots system lets you roll in 40 cots on an easy to rolling truck/cart quickly and repack the cart with a minimum of hassle. As most shelters need to be set up in less than 4 hours from arriving at the site, being able to deploy an organized system is critical to your community and Emergency Operations Center. Think about how quickly you could roll in just a few carts and set up a complete emergency shelter.

These carts work great in the following areas:
  • community centers or school shelters
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • Hospitals with over night staff or as extra capacity beds.
  • Companies or corporation emergency programs.

Our recommendation for a functioning shelter would for 200 people would be:
  • 5 of these cot systems (200 hundred cots)
  • 1 Special Needs Cart system (6 cots)
  • 1 Medical Treatment Cart system (8 cots)
  • 1 Shelter First Aid Station Cart (includes our Shelter II Medical Station, emergency lighting, home care and sanitation products for this special populations)

Pillow and blanket set not included:

Product Specifications:

  • Setup: 76″L x 25″W x 16″H
  • Bed: 76″L x 25″W
  • Weight: 12 lbs each
  • Capacity: 300 lbs 
  • Folded: 37″L x 7″W x 6″H
  • Shipping: 37″L x 8″W x 5″H

  • Fully Loaded Cart
  • Shipping weight #650 lbs. for the loaded system. ships on a standard pallet.
  • The rolling truck/cart measures 65-1/2"tall x 43" long x 31-1/2" wide. (important because it will fit through most standard doors and closets)

Our custom rolling Truck (Cart) system is designed for decades of use. Easy to store your cots and other supplies. Includes a custom rain-resistant poly-canvass cover (not a cheap plastic tarp) to protect your cots or gear, provide added an privacy barrier by connecting together or when needed, can nest to reduce floor space when empty. Instructions for assembly and repacking are mounted in the interior and not thrown away after the first use. Using our system can save the shelter team many man hours in repacking kits after drills or real incidents.

The system ships by truck on a pallet (estimate 650lbs per pallet.) but is ready to deploy as soon as it is unloaded. We can ship up to 20 pallets per 40 foot tractor/trailer.

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